Review of Laser Pointer, Class 3A Executive Metal, 500 Yards, Matte Silver/Gold, EA QRTMP1350Q

If you’ve looked around for laser pointers, you know that they tend to be very wide. Once you get into the thinner, more compact versions, the choices quickly narrow. Looking in your local Office Depot type store, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll find a non-keychain laser pointer that uses a battery smaller than a AA or AAA. While most similarly minded items are inexpensive, they also tend to be so poorly made that they are virtually disposable. You really get what you pay for with these items. After years of looking for a high quality, thin laser pointer, the winner is the Apollo Executive. It is thin, stylish and built like a tank. My laser pointers get a great deal of use and abuse. While I’ve gone through lesser items in one to three months, I’ve had Executives last me years. The first and most likely part of any laser pointer to go is the button. Again, this button mechanism is blast proof. In addition to reliability, the red beam is bright enough. The device uses two AAAA batteries, which are easier to find and change when compared to the typical button cell batteries that most similarly sized laser pointers use. This is one of the more expensive (non-tactical) laser pointers that you’ll find. While it’s easy to find thin laser pointers that cost less, I have yet to find any that compare in quality.

Product Description
Looks like an elegant fashion pen. The perfect executive gift! . Matte silver with gold accents. Vivid easy-view laser dot. Batteries included. Caution: It is never acceptable to intentionally look directly into any laser pointer beam.

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