Review of Tucano Laptop Brief/Sleeve Combo for 13.3″ MacBook (Ice Silver)

September 28, 2010

I saw the Tucano Macbook pouc at a store and then went ahead and ordered it online so for me it was a safe bet. But for those who are unsure how this little bag will look on them, I can say that it is one of the most stylish things I’ve ever seen. I love carrying it around because it’s elegant, but it’s also very practical. And it has enough space for everything. I found it useful and nice, and I’m happy with my purchase.

Product Description
Original fashion forward Laptop Brief/Sleeve for 13.3″ MacBook – slim, lightweight, durable, water resistant nylon fabric, flexible tuck-away handles, external storage pockets for essential electronic accessories, padded inner laptop compartment for secure protection, shoulder strap with snap hook. Color – Ice White

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Review of Black Np Sleeve Macbook 17.0″

September 28, 2010

Fits a Macbook 17″ Pro like a hand-stitched glove.The fabric stretches nicely but never looses it’s shape, the zippers glide smooth and even, and the extra flap of fabric on the inside lid secures nicely and protects your computer from scratches.The design is simple and understated and the textured exterior shell provides a secure, reassuring grip.

In short, perfection.If you have a Macbook there is no reason to shop of any other sleeve.This one was designed for it, and done so very well.

Product Description
Element graphics easily distinguishes the user as a mac user. Designer Laptop Sleeve for 17.0″ MacBook – high density neoprene material, flexible use as a stand alone case or placed in another storage case, unique Anti-Slip System, consisting of an elastic cover positioned under the zipper, further protects the laptop from scratches and slippage.

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Review of Garmin Oregon 400T 3-Inch Touchscreen Handheld GPS Unit with Preloaded Topographic Maps

September 28, 2010

This is a lengthy review, but at $462 and after seeing some of the “user induced” complaints, I believe a good review is essential.

I also own a Garmin Etrex Vista and by far, the Oregon 400t is the most versatile, customizable, and flexible handheld GPS I have seen. I had the opportunity to compare the Oregon and the Colorado side-by-side at an REI store and found the ease of use and touch pad of the Oregon too much to pass up. The touch pad makes it extremely user friendly. In addition, the order of the choices on each of the 4 main pages can be arranged in any order desired and in a number of different profiles such as recreational, geocaching, and automotive for ultimate flexibility. There are so many different ways to display information to the user that the choices seem endless. The Oregon is to GPS receivers what the iPhone and the Blackberry are to smartphones. A good review from 2008 can be found at: I was sold after seeing how to deal with the daylight viewing issues people talk about and what the other 95% positive things that have been said by professional reviewers about the Garmin 400t.

Like most things sold these days, the manual could be the quick guide so don’t expect every little detail to be explained. It would be nice if manuals said and explained everything. I’d like to know why I’d want to make one choice over another (like the difference between the Garmin Spanner and serial interfaces) since those two appear to be the same with the Spanner choice asking if you want to go to Mass Storage rather than automatically doing so,for example. Links in this review greatly fill in gaps in the manual and you’ll be happier utilizing those resources!

The benefit to the 400t over the 300 is the internal memory. As found at:, the 400 has 4GB of memory (the Topo2008 takes up 2.7GB) leaving a lot of free memory to save waypoints, tracks, pics for personal and geocaching use, and additional maps. The 300 has 850 MB left and as anyone using a handheld GPS knows, maps take up HUGE amounts of memory – you can never have enough.

Choices on the setup button offer options for the system and display that can extend battery life (such as choosing a backlight timeout period and battery save option if desired). Under setup>display, there is even a screen capture choice that saves a file you can print out or email whatever is displayed on the screen – cool!

As with digital cameras, mp3 players, printers, etc., you need some sort of software program on your computer, such as a Garmin Mapsource product, and then you can (contrary to a Feb 14th review) download waypoints, tracks, and routes (I uploaded 42 waypoints, 2 routes, and 16 tracks used by E Trex Vista to the Oregon so you absolutely can upload and download data!!!).

Batteries – unless one reviewer selected the “stays on” option for backlighting, bad batteries are the only thing that can explain really poor battery life. Per the “” web site, I’m using version 2.85beta and together with Powerex 2700mAh batteries, have gotten around 20 hours of battery life (battery type needs to be specified in system settings). It was a Garmin rep. I spoke with at a local REI that told me a university field tested high capacity NIMH batteries and that is the way to go for the Oregon. Condition batteries first and consider the Maha MH-C9000 charger which conditions the batteries – they have truly impressed me over previous Energizer and Sanyo AA NIMH batteries I’ve tried. In comparison, with the same 30 second backlight period and Energizer batteries, I saw only one full day – near the rated 16 hour time worth before the repeated low batt. warnings. This is in real use geocaching two days for most of the day, hooking the Oregon to a laptop and reviewing/downloading waypoints and tracks, and over 3 hours a third day downloading 648 MB of Roads & Recreation maps to the Kingston 4 GB micro SDHC card (also from I added. I purchased the 4 GB card to also, one day, load City Navigator NT onto it. You need a high capacity reader or you have to transfer data via the USB cable connected to the Oregon otherwise – above 2GB is considered high capacity I found out.

I followed tips and suggestions on which is one of the most useful web sites out there with extremely useful and helpful information exclusively for the Oregon. It can greatly simplify the learning curve with something that can do as much as the Oregon can.

Read about the software updates and stay as current as reasonable, backup the data from the Oregon on a hard drive, register the GPS with Garmin and you’ll truly appreciate the investment as much as it is possible.

As with any relatively new item, bug fixes in the firmware will begin to resolve functionality issues as is the case and already in progress. Utilize the resources of”” and the value of the Garmin Oregon 400t will be clear.

Product Description
Get in touch with your wild side with Oregon 400t. This next-generation handheld features a rugged, touchscreen along with preloaded topographic maps, 3-D map view, a high-sensitivity receiver, barometric altimeter, electronic compass, microSD card slot, picture viewer and more. Even exchange tracks, waypoints, routes and geocaches wirelessly between similar units.Oregon 400t leads the way with a tough, 3-inch diagonal, sunlight-readable, color, touchscreen display. Its easy-to-use interface means you’ll spend more time enjoying the outdoors and less time searching for information. Both durable and waterproof, Oregon 400t is built to withstand the elements. Bumps, dust, dirt, humidity and water are no match for this rugged navigator.With Oregon 400t you can share your waypoints, tracks, routes and geocaches wirelessly with other users. Now you can send your favorite hike to your friend to enjoy or the location of a cache to find. Sharing data is easy.Oregon 400t has a built-in electronic compass that provides bearing information even while you’re standing still, and its barometric altimeter tracks changes in pressure to pinpoint your precise altitude. You can even use the altimeter to plot barometric pressure over time, which can help you keep an eye on changing weather conditions.

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Review of Built NY 17″ Laptop Sleeve – Black

September 28, 2010

I have the HP Pavilion 17″ widescreen laptop (9000 series).While the sleeve is supposed to fit a 17″ laptop, it is quite a stretch to get the new computer all the way into the sleeve.The sleeve itself does a great job protecting the laptop while it’s in it, but it is almost more of a pain to get it in and out than it’s worth.While the sleeve is great and colorful, make sure your laptop is not on the larger edge of the dimensions as, especially with the curved design of the sleeve, it is very difficult to use with some laptops.

Product Description
Made entirely from extra-thick, soft, durable, real neoprene our Laptop Sleeves are just the thing for your laptop computer! The sleek form allows the sleeve to slip into your briefcase, backpack or other bag and no one will know you are carrying a computer. Built NY Laptop Sleeves have Shark Gill Grips on the sides to make gripping it easier, without straps that would otherwise get in the way. Like our other products they leave a small footprint by packing flat and are also machine washable. Will my computer fit?The 17 inch Laptop Sleeve fits most common sized 17 inch laptops.Our Patent Pending Hourglass Shape and stretchy material allows this sleeve to fit a range of models and shapes. Product dimensions listed are exterior dimensions at widest point (without packaging).Extra thick/oversized laptops may not fit well.

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Review of Kingston USB 2.0 microSD Flash Memory Card Reader FCR-MRB (Black)

September 28, 2010

it read my 4GB SDHC card with no problems.I bought it because of its size and it doesn’t dissapoint.It fits in any USB enabled nook you can find.Since the micro SD cards are so small they are hard to take out of the reader (easy to put in).Ultimately I just leave a 4GB micro SD card in it and use it as a flash drive unless I need to read a card used elsewhere (because the cards are hard to take out).It serves it’s purpose well and hopefully people won’t find a reason to shrink memory cards much more than they are. :o)

Product Description
The reader is designed with a USB connector and a memory expansion slot that accepts a microSD card. Combine it with a microSD card and you’ve got the best mobile gear for your phone.This mobile-ready reader eliminates the need to carry additional USB transfer cables and the typical wait for Bluetooth technology slow file transfers between phones and PCs. It also replaces your SD card adapter, since the microSD card fits directly into the reader. When in use, the microSD Card Reader appears as a drive letter (i.e., E:\) and data transfer is as simple as drag and drop. Use the reader with a microSD card to get the storage capacity for a variety of helpful transfers, or acquire content to side load to your phone:Store your entire mobile life – photos, songs, text messages, video clips, personal information – on a microSD card, then work with it across device platforms seamlessly with the microSD Card Reader.

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Review of Tripp Lite PS6020 Multiple Outlet Strip 15-Amp 20outlets 15ft Cord

September 27, 2010

I bought this outlet strip for my workbench.It mounts with a snap-in clip system that holds the strip firmly.

Mine has an illuminated power switch that I find very convenient; it acts as a pilot light, confirming that the strip has power.

I’m very satisfied with this unit; it’s well-made and appears stronger and more reliable than the common plastic variety.It’s as if the folks who created it made the product they’d want to own.

There are some products that demand attention, and others that work so well and reliably they are easy to forget.This Tripp-Lite multiple outlet strip is one of the latter.

Product Description
Tripp Lite is proud to introduce the new member of its product line: Tripp Lite Power Strips. Tripp Lite Power Strips are a convenient solution for applications in which multiple AC outlets are needed without surge or line noise protection. Power Strips are ideal for mounting inside rack enclosures or on walls, workbenches and more. Sturdy metal housing stands up to demanding network, lab or factory environments.

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Review of Belkin A3L791-S 7-Foot RJ45 CAT 5e Snagless Molded Patch Cable (Gray)

September 27, 2010

Yup…They connect my cable modem to my router, and my router to my computers.They transmit data back and forth.So far they have failed to burst into flames or snap off and poke me in the eye.So go patch cables (yay).

Product Description
A 10/100 Base-T CAT 5 Ethernet Cable / 7 Feet Long / RJ-45 Male to RJ-45 Male / Used to network computers via a router, switch or hub

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Review of Verbatim 95310 8.5 GB 2.4X Dual-Layer DVD+R, 20-Disc Spindle

September 27, 2010

Verbatim DL used to be by far the best DL media available. Reliable, stable in storage, and consistent high quality made by Mitsubishi in their Singapore plant, one of the highest quality DVD production plants in the world.

Not any more. Verbatim has outsourced a large part of their DL production to a plant in India, and now when you buy this media you have a high chance of getting made in India – this product is poor, often with obvious physical defects in the media like bubbles, holes and foil delaminates.

It is possible to still find made in Singapore cakeboxes on store shelves, but if you can’t actually read the disk label before buying you are rolling the dice when you buy.

It is a real shame Verbatim does not offer the Singapore product as a diferent grade. It would be worth a few extra bucks to get a cakebox that had a 95% success rate vs. the 50% rate the made in India product gives.

Verbatim has really gotten a black eye in my book with this stunt.

Product Description
Preferred by DVD drive manufactures, Verbatim DVD media continues to set the standard for highspeed disc performance, reliability, and compatibility. DVD+R Double Layer nearly doubles the storage capacity with two AZO recording layers on a single-sided disc. Certified and supported by the industry high speed Double Layer writers, Verbatim discs are approved for high speed burning up to 8X speeds. Store up to 8.5GBs of video in approximately 15 minutes or less while maintaining compatibility with the most DVD video players or DVD-ROM drives. All backed by Verbatim’s limited lifetimewarranty.

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Review of Adesso 1U 19″ Rackmount Black PS/2 Drawer Keyboard with Glidepoint Touchpad ( ACK-730PB-MRP )

September 27, 2010

This is one of the best rackmount keyboard and touchpad combos.I use this on a rack mount that is taken out on the road with a rack mount server.The unit is solid and very well built.I would purchase this product again.

Product Description
These industrial keyboards are designed according to EIA-RS-310C specifications for standard 19″ rack mount cabinets. Industrial PC keyboards offer a flexible selection of full-size keyboards to meet any industrial application requirements.The 1U drawer style models allows space conservation and system security while panel mount model offers immediate system access. All keyboard series are made form high-grade, heavy-duty material to withstand harsh environment operations. With unparalleled comfort design unique to the keyboard series, you will be confident in choosing these high quality input devices that are also fully IBM PS/2 or USB compatible. Simply connect the keyboard to an existing system for immediate system operation.

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Review of Kingston Ultimate 8 GB 266x CompactFlash Memory Card CF/8GB-U2

September 27, 2010

I needed more memory before a wedding, and this compact flash card was just what the doctor ordered.I shoot in camera RAW, so of course the files are huge. I really wanted to be able to continue to shoot for much longer without changing cards or downloading.I researched cards, and asked around, and this product always gets rave reviews.I can’t believe I didn’t get it before…saves SO much time and hassle!Highly recommended for anyone.Would be great on outdoor shoots, vacations, anywhere you’ll have many, many photos and don’t want to download so often.

Product Description
8GB Ultimate CompactFlash 266x w/Recovery s/w 

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